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East Asia has now become the most industrialized region of the World, and anthropogenic emission from this region has been increasing steadily. Also, there has been phenomena of dust storms, and acid rain is having an environmental impact and is becoming a serious problem which we will have to solve in the future.

In addition, heavy rain associated with intense cyclones and convective storms often causes destructive damage in our society. Clearly, there is a need for better understanding the mechanism of severe rain storms and of the behaviour of atmospheric pollutants. The general public is now concerned with these atmospheric phenomena. Improvements in our knowledge in atmospheric environment together with the reduction of air pollution in the Yellow Sea region are necessary for the betterment of our society.

It is our intention to carry out an international joint research programme, especially to increase our knowledge of climate change, dust storms, acid rain and severe rain storms, and this will necessitate encourage joint publications in international journals. For these reasons we have established the Korea-China Centre for Atmospheric Research (K-CCAR) in Cheongju in central Korea (13 October 1993). In January 2007, we have set up the Korea Centre for Atmospheric Environment Research (KCAER).

It is recommended KCAER continue to be supported for the role they play in scientific and social advancement in 21st century. International exchanges include activities with NOAA(USA), Peking University, Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Science, Beijing Normal University, University of East Anglia(UK), Russian Hydrometeorological Service, Meteorological Research Institute(Japan), National Institute of Environmental Studies(Japan), and Environment Canada.